About us

We are a group of media professionals that always seeks for new and innovative trends. We are never settling and are always searching for new ways to increase professionalism, creativity and responsibility towards our utter client. After more than thirty years of business experience in different electronic media, radio and television, the time has come when we have to take a step towards technological and innovative media future. Media desk d.o.o. is our new beginning full of enthusiasm and positive thrill. The previous precious business experience provided us with confidence, strength, and will to continue working for our clients and media, not only in Croatia but also in the entire region.

We hold expertise in media, advertising, legal regulations in reality and theory, production, import, adaption, and distribution of radio and television content. Media desk also provides business consulting and market research to natural and legal entities that wish to enter the world of electronic media (television, radio or the internet) but do not possess needed knowledge in legal nor business regulations. We are the only company in this region that is professionally engaged in founding, selling or purchasing of existing electronic media for well-known customers from Croatia and other countries.
Furthermore, our company established first B2B news site for media – Mediadaily.biz and pay TV channel group, including main channel Jester TV, whose broadcasting starts soon.

All we have to say at the end is that – sky is the limit.