You are interested in advertising in electronic media? Want an ad campaign on single or multiple media and/or combine a media mix of television, radio, and web, or you aren’t sure and afraid of high advertising costs?

We will gladly consult you and/or make an offer for you to advertise your product or service on any of the above-mentioned electronic media including national, regional, or local media.

We work with all leading media companies across the whole of South East Europe and are able to make a real-time media area tenure, create a media plan, and track the advertising results according to the target audience you’re aiming for.

Advertising costs are a very important factor when deciding on the intensity of an ad campaign. We are able to provide you with competitive prices, quantity discounts, and welcome discounts.

Creative solutions for your ads can be made in partnership with our partners and provide you with end-to-end solutions.

For any questions please feel free to contact us.