Mediadaily is our new B2B web news portal intended for media professionals incorporated in electronic media industry.

We strive to become the centralized interactive, reference web portal for electronic media in the region and / or southeastern Europe, at the EU and the rest of Europe

These are some of the topics we will actively follow-up:

  • Media and business regulation from other countries of the region and Europe (the world)
  • Expert advices of media authorities on the state and perspectives of the media
  • Media analysis in the region and the world and media regulators analysis
  • Interviews with main media protagonists
  • Getting acquainted with technological innovations and trends
  • Setting up own or transmitted information about news in and / or around electronic media industry
  • Special section for interesting facts about media (media history, prominent promoters of media …)
  • The latest work information from the professional media associations
  • Media world inside information – current medias on market and specific prices, what can be purchased with a reasonable bid price
  • Upcoming programme innovations and analysis of its potential audience
  • Forum and opinion exchange among media professionals on current topics
  • Online labor market with job offers
  • Business address book of electronic media with key protagonists contact information

More information will be available soon at: