There are more than 200 television channels across the region of Southeast Europe, around 1000 radio stations and a large number of web portals producing significant amount of media information on a daily basis.

We are the first agency in the region specializing in mediation between interested individuals, companies and investors wanting to invest their financial assets in media industry and vendors – owners of these media who are interested in selling their media and / or their recapitalization for further expansion on the market.

Due to our professional approach and high level of business discretion, we are able to approach to every client regardless of whether he is a buyer or a seller and we objectively evaluate the current position of the media in the market, working alike for the benefit of all interested parties.

For electronic media sellers (radio, TV, web portals) we offer a realistic assessment of their media market value, we contact potential buyers and actively participate in sales or recapitalization negotiations.

Regarding buyers and investors, we analyze specific media market position and its growth potential in full business discretion towards media owner regardless of whether it is in our tender list.

We analyze the entire purchase or sale process through business, legal and financial documentation, with full engagement of proficient business / media professionals. In case you want to do that yourself using your own resources, our services can be listed only in engaging you with your potential buyer and seller.

We can also provide you in finding a strategic partner for acquiring a minority, equal or majority shareholding in your media channel for the purpose for achieving further growth and development.

We sign confidentiality agreement in every business engagement we take part in. Our remuneration and engagement consists of a concrete lump sum to be paid upon contract signing for covering fixed costs of our work, and of awards (commission) for successful project completion, which ranges from 2% to 5% of achieved and paid final price.

Our current tender media (television, radio, and web) for sale/purchase can be seen below. For comprehensible business reasons, it is unable to provide more details yet the list serves as orientation reference.

For all detailed and complete offers, contact us at our telephone numbers or via e-mail if you are selling or looking for a strategic partner for your media or if you are interested in buying or want to be a strategic partner of some of the electronic media.