Distribution of television programs

Since 2000 we are actively engaged in importing, processing and distributing television content. We are frequent visitors to Mipcom, Mip TV and Discop trade shows where we negotiate with our foreign partners on the purchase of wide range of television content which we independently translate, subtitle or synchronize, process and then distribute to interested TV channels. In our portfolio, there are several thousand hours of imported and processed television content.

Also, you can use our services for purchasing specific programme content on your cost and delivering it to you in a short period of time, provided that TV rights for your territory are available.

Our aim, after thoroughly analyzing your programme schedule, is to be your main advisor in purchasing your future programme content, in order to achieve better audience rankings.

We cooperate with international major companies as well as domestic and foreign production companies and programme suppliers so we can also be highly responsive to your need of basic content, without translation and subtitles, including all programme genres (documentary, sport, live action film, fiction or entertaining).

Our current market position guarantees competitive prices and premium quality of given services to all of our clients.